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Cushing Commercial Real Estate

Authentic, honest, and transparent conversations

This gutsy podcast features serious commercial industry players- brokers, investors, lenders, and more, to have honest “after hours” style conversations about the reality we face in the commercial real estate industry and what’s thriving in their worlds, what they see daily happening in the deals around them and sharing some of the markets most entertaining deal stories along the way.

the importance of nucleus commercial

Nucleus Commercial improves the experience of commercial real estate for every client, agent, and brokerage.

Nucleus Commercial was born from the desire to offer agents a place to openly learn at the highest level how to establish, grow, and thrive through a career in commercial real estate. In its growth, we have never lost track of our focusing question: Is what we are offering improving the experience of investment real estate for every client, agent, and brokerage involved?”

Our promise to our community is to strive to create, develop, and improve content that enables a better investment experience daily.